Dogs for Good is a vital support

Dogs for Good provides vital support for people with a disabilities through the help of a trained dog and this year the charity celebrates its 30th anniversary.

Monday, 24th December 2018, 9:22 am
Updated Tuesday, 8th January 2019, 5:03 pm
Dogs for Good celebrates 30 years of making life changing differences for people with disabilities. Pictured from left are Lynn Matthews and Christa, Martyn Blenkharn and Isa, and Wendy and Hallie.

Lynn Matthews from Heysham, who suffers from dystonia and is in a wheelchair, relies on her dog Christa from Dogs for Good to help her with everyday tasks.

Lynn, 56, who lives with her sister Brenda, 67, said: “Christa is essential. She gives me much more independence than I would have without her. Lots of people are amazed at what she can do, she can undress me, and also retrieves things from the floor and can even pick up a five-pence piece.

“She is always with me and its a different sort of relationship than just a pet. “

Martyn Blenkharn, 57, of Morecambe, also has an assistance dog called Isa who he has had for eight years.

He suffers from a form of muscular dystrophy and is in a wheelchair.

Martyn said: “I live on my own and I’m reliant on her for a lot of things. She is a great help and does the physical things I can’t do like fetching and carrying. Those things make such a difference, she is more than just a pet.I couldn’t function without her. It is an achievement for Dogs for Good to be celebrating its 30th anniversary , it has gone on to be a national organisation.”

He said: “I’ve reapplied for a new dog because Isa is retiring next year, so hopefully I’ll get a new one.”

Lynn and her sister Brenda travel around the district visiting WIs, Rotary clubs, Probus clubs and more doing demonstrations with Christa to show the work she does.

They also fundraise for the charity locally and next year on May 12 will undertake a sponsored walk.

If you can help fundraise for the charity call Lynn on 01524 298106 or email [email protected]

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