Dog rescued after surviving 25ft fall

A STAFFORDSHIRE bull terrier survived unhurt after falling around 25ft from a wall.

Firefighters were called to the scene on Sunday evening by a worried couple who had been walking Ronson when he fell from the wall, running along St George’s Quay in Lancaster, down onto the river bank.

They used a ladder to get down to him and Lancaster Fire Station crew manager Phil Rigby, who trains sheepdogs and is taking part in the English National Sheep Dog Trails at Over Kellet this week, was tasked with coaxing him to safety.

Watch manager, Leo Loughrey, said: “The dog landed in very soft mud and we could hear him barking.

“It was quite a drop but amazingly he was perfectly fine – he had obviously landed cat-style.

“At first the dog was growling at Phil but we had the idea of dropping his lead down and the dog came over then.

“Phil cradled him in his arms and carried him up the ladder. We are all calling him “the dog whisperer now”.