Dog owner warns about out of control animal

A DOG owner arms herself with hairspray for protection in case dogs off their leads attack her.

The woman from Heysham says one dog in particular, a Staffordshire bull terrier, is allowed to run on Heysham barrows without its owner and has already attacked two dogs.

The woman said: “This staffie has been put in the dog pound four or five times for misbehaviour.

“I feel it is a dreadful accident waiting to happen.

“Every dog can bite but there is a really significant risk of harm with these staffies.

“I actually carry a miniature hairspray with me so if a dog attacks I can spray it in the face.

“Police have said they can’t do anything until it actually savages someone. It’s a bit late then.

“It’s not a matter of being nosy or nasty but people need to be aware of what’s happening before an accident occurs.”

See The Visitor (03-04-12) for full story.