Dog fouling ruining city cricket ground

A groundsman at Lancaster Cricket Club.
A groundsman at Lancaster Cricket Club.
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Dog owners who let their dogs foul on a private cricket ground have been branded ‘despicable.’

Lancaster Cricket Club committee say they are fed up with dog owners who fail to pick up their dog’s mess and leave it on the cricket ground, which is private land.

A committee member said: “It’s just despicable. We did have a dog bin which ended up overflowing so it had to be removed and hidden away. I don’t believe dogs should be on there in the first place because it is a private members sports field.There is still bacteria on the floor even if they pick it up. The bin encouraged members of the public to take their dogs on the field.

“I put hardboard signs up warning people that it is a private field and only assistance dogs are allowed and they were ripped down within a day.

“I then put metal signs up which the club paid for and within two days they had been ripped down as well, possibly with a crowbar. We have quite a small army of volunteers who do it for nothing and they are being put in harm’s way by these dog owners.

“When I talk to the dog walkers not to allow their dogs to foul I either get a hurl of abuse or I’m made to feel like they are doing me a favour picking it up.

“I’ve contacted Lancaster City Council but there isn’t a great deal they can do other than having someone down here. I’ve also contacted the police.

“We plan on getting some leaflets printed and posting them in the local area trying to raise awareness, although the club has been here since 1851, so how much more awareness do you need?

“When our children are playing sport in an area that is privately funded, privately maintained and privately leased they shouldn’t have to run the risk of catching something from a dog that shouldn’t have been on there in the first place.” The club on Lune Road, Lancaster has also suffered from vandalism and people trespassing on the land.

On Sunday, youths in football boots cut through the wire fence surrounding the tennis courts and wrecked the astroturf on the courts.

During the winter, vandals broke benches and ripped billboards down and threw them on the grass.

The committee member said: “You have now got a top class facility and yet there are people that will try and ruin it for their own immediate enjoyment.It is about human beings and the health risk.”

Police said they had received a report of wire mesh fencing on the tennis courts being cut between May 1 and 2.

Call 101 with information.