Dog bite mum takes legal advice

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THE mother of a six-year-old boy who was left needing 25 stitches after being bitten on the face by a dog is considering legal action.

Vickie Brannon said she still had not received an apology from the owners of an Akita cross breed which attacked her little boy Luke Howard.

Miss Brannon said she had consulted with solicitors and could bring a private prosecution against the owners of the dog.

Since the story of Luke’s ordeal appeared in last week’s Visitor, we have been inundated with readers’ phone calls, website comments and letters of support for the family.

“I feel awful for the poor little boy, I think they should be doing something about it,” said a woman from Lancaster, who asked to remain anonymous. Peter Gardener from Heysham said: “We have trouble with dogs near where I live and it’s been a sore point with me.

“The police are just waiting for an accident to happen. I don’t think they take this issue seriously enough.”

See The Visitor (06-04-11) for full story.