Ditch caffeine and sugar to combat adrenal exhaustion

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DO YOU struggle to get out of bed in the morning? Are you often tired? Do you rely on things like coffee or sugar to get you going?

I suspect a lot of you do and just think that it’s normal. Actually it can be a sign of a problem called adrenal exhaustion. Other symptoms of adrenal exhaustion include low mood, frustration and anxiety, poor concentration, poor sleep and exhaustion.

Adrenal exhaustion is caused by long term, or a lot of, stress.

This may be stress as we usually define it – work, life, family, money – anxieties and frustrations building up. But it may also include traumas, bereavements, illnesses or operations – these are all things that your body has had to cope with and recover from which may have left it depleted and struggling to catch up.

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