Disabled woman’s abuse hell

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A YOUNG woman who has suffered countless verbal and physical attacks purely because she is disabled, is heading a national campaign.

Beccy Oughton has been shouted at, manhandled and accused of faking her disability.

Beccy, 35, who is a lecturer for people who have learning difficulties, is now part of a campaign calling for other people with disabilities to go to police if they are abused.

A few years ago, Beccy, who lives in Caton, was assaulted in a Lancaster nightclub by a woman who accused her of not needing to be in a wheelchair.

“This has happened a lot” said Beccy. “I just thought, this is part of what it’s like to be disabled and I’ve got no right to report it.”

Beccy, who has limb girdle muscular dystrophy, said: “With my condition, I used to be able to walk when I was at Caton St Paul’s Primary School and Ripley St Thomas School.

Now complete strangers come up and ask me why I’m in a wheelchair – they don’t even say ‘hello’.

“People have said ‘you could be so good looking if you weren’t in a wheelchair’. They think they’re being funny. Some have even grabbed my chair and spun me around or asked me if I can still have sex.”

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