Dining Out: Mountain high on the steak and fish

Blue Mountain Bar and Restaurant, Morecambe.
Blue Mountain Bar and Restaurant, Morecambe.
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Husband and wife team Allan and Krissy Kent are a winning combination.

Allan provides the warm welcome front-of-house while Krissy’s food is amongst the best in the area.

Their double act has made the Blue Mountain the top place to dine out in Morecambe.

My wife and I visit the seafront restaurant in Bare two or three times a year and it never shows any signs of a drop in quality.

Allan greets us with a twinkle in his eye and a joke or two, a most attentive and friendly host.

We always particularly look forward to the main courses. Chicken and steak dishes are always cooked to succulent perfection in a delicious variety of sauces, the selection of side vegetables always tasty and crunchy, especially the Blue Mountain’s famous crispy chips.

I also highly recommend the restaurant’s early bird menu, available from Wednesday to Friday 5.30pm until 7pm.

Home made steak pie, fresh Scottish salmon, chicken chilli and some of the tenderest meaty steak s you will ever taste in your life are some of the options for cheaper prices than you would pay for their a la carte evening menu.

Kids are well catered for and there is an excellent range of desserts and starters, as well as a strong focus on fish befitting the restaurant’s location overlooking the bay.

Be aware the Blue Mountain is only open four days a week, and is closed Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays, so to book I find dropping Allan an email is better than ringing. The address is allankent@btinternet.com.