Diary read out at Carnforth filmmaker '˜sexual activity' trial

A court has heard a diary entry made by a local history filmmaker after he was arrested on suspicion of taking advantage of a young woman with a mental age of 10.

Tuesday, 15th March 2016, 4:22 pm
Updated Tuesday, 15th March 2016, 5:31 pm
Preston Crown Court.

Officers seized the diary in a search of Richard Christopher Abram’s home in Carnforth following his arrest on July 24.

In it, Abram had written about his wife Muriel - who he affectionately called ‘Bubbles’ - and said he had “lost everything” as a result of his arrest.

Paul Brookwell, prosecuting, read excerpts of the diary to the jury at Preston Crown Court on Tuesday.

It read: “Bubbles left me. My own stupid fault. My one indiscretion in 11 years and I have lost everything I hold most dear.

“One kiss, one cuddle, now the police.

“Bubbles thinks I’m a pervert - I’m certainly not. No grooming, no paedophile, that is everything I abhor.

“I let it go too far. What a bloody fool I’ve made of myself. How could I have let Bubbles down so badly?

“I have tried to protect her, loved her since I first met her.

“I can’t live with myself for causing her so much hurt. She doesn’t deserve this.

“I vow never to do this again. I’ve stepped over the line.”

Abram, 73, of Carnforth, denies sexual activity with a person who lacks mental capacity after he was spotted with the young woman in a car in woodland in Warton.

Groundsman Trevor Wright told the court on Monday he went to investigate when he saw a car driving across a field at Paint Mine Woods as he was preparing the site for a clay pigeon shoot.

At first he thought he had stumbled upon two lovers but as the car drove away the woman turned to look at him and it was clear she had learning difficulties and was much younger than the driver.

Abram claims Mr Wright misinterpreted what he saw but the groundsman told the jury what he witnessed was “a passionate kiss - a snog, if you will”.

The case continues.