Development agreement is not secret

THE Chief Executive of Lancaster City Council has released a statement after it was discovered that unsigned leaflets are being posted in Morecambe.

The leaflets show a doctored version of the minutes from a Lancaster City Council cabinet meeting held on March 15, 2011 and include information about the extension of Morecambe Central Promenade Development Agreement.

Chief Executive Mark Cullinan said: “The development agreement with Urban Splash is not secret. It is public.

“The details of the development agreement between Urban Splash and Lancaster City Council have been available online for more than two years at

“Some sections have been edited because they are commercially sensitive and therefore confidential, but the main points of the agreement are available to view and so the agreement is not secret.

“Subsequent to this agreement, in 2007, Urban Splash submitted two planning applications.

“The city council wrote to the company during consideration of both applications to outline problems with the proposals and suggested ways in which those problems could be remedied.

“The applicant considered these amendments and submitted revised planning applications in 2010.

“There are a number of outstanding issues to be addressed before these planning applications can be considered by the council’s planning committee.

“As the original development agreement was due to expire, it has been extended for 12 months to allow the planning applications to be considered.

“Both the original and revised plans were open for public consultation.”