Detox weight away

TWO weeks ago I looked at ways to boost metabolism and thyroid function as a way of helping people stick to their resolution to lose the weight.

This week I want to take a look at another important area to help not just weight loss but also energy levels, digestive problems and skin problems.

The thing I want to have a look at this week is detox – but before you switch off and think that this means living on water and fresh air for a week, read on.

Detox can actually mean different things for different people. The best detox depends on your particular problems and what you hope to achieve.

Sugar cravings, tiredness, bloating and a swollen tummy are all caused by the build-up of unfriendly bacteria in your gut which feed on sugar, cause fermentation and cause the gas that bloats and swells you up.

See The Visitor (19-01-11) for full story.