Designs for life

BY VARIOUS twists of fate Sparky and I have ended up living close to the spectacular home and gardens of acclaimed garden designer Lady Arabella Lennox-Boyd.

At our new home in Caton we’re almost next-door-neighbours, although our plots couldn’t be more different. Lady Arabella’s garden is around 12 acres and ours is a narrow 100ft strip.

However, we share the same climactic conditions and both are next to the Artle Beck so I’m sure I could learn a lot from Lady Arabella.

The gardens at Gresgarth Hall are internationally renowned and its easy to see why from our photograph.

Since moving to Gresgarth Hall in 1978 with her family, Lady Arabella has created one of the most exciting gardens in England, beautifully marrying the best of Italian style and British plantsmanship.

Reached through a mature park, the cultivated area includes lavishly planted terraces leading down to a lake, wild and bog gardens, large herbaceous borders, an extensive walled kitchen garden, the magnolia and rhododendron hillside and a serpentine beech walk. Over a striking Chinese style bridge, crossing the Artle Beck,

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