Designer socks it to Hollywood

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Lancaster was represented at the glitzy Oscars ceremony – courtesy of a city designer.

Emma Maudsley from Bowerham hand makes unusual ‘sock monkeys’.

And her creations, which have previously been handed out to pop diva Beyonce and Hollywood actress Uma Thurman, were given out at a gift lounge at Sunday’s event.

Emma, who runs The Sock Monkey Emporium, is a member of The Artisan Group (, an exclusive group of artisans drawn from around the world. Of the group’s 800 members Emma is the only active UK member.

The Artisan Group (TAG) takes part in in Luxury Gift Lounges hosted by promotions company GBK and held in Los Angeles before large scale awards ceremonies, including the Oscars.

TAG also contributes bags to the stylists of US TV shows such as The Vampire Diaries and The Client List and many members’ work is worn by the cast – predominantly jewellers. It also puts together bags for a Mother’s Day gifting and individual celebrity bags.

Emma explained: “Through my involvement with TAG I have so far had my business cards included in the bags for the GBK Gift Lounges for the Golden Globes and Oscars had my products sent out in the Mother’s Day bags and had sock monkeys included in press bags at the GBK Lounge for the MTV Movie Awards.

“Recipients of the 2012 Mother’s Day gifting included Beyonce, Uma Thurman, Jessica Alba, Jessica SImpson, Sienna Miller, Lisa Loeb amongst many others.

This year her ‘sock aliens’ were included in Press Bags.

She added: “I have been lucky enough to participate in several individual celebrity bags. “I sent two sock cats to Jessica Alba, two sock aliens to actress and comedienne Amy Poehler, a sock cat to US Food Network presenter Giada de Laurentiis and a sock monkey to actress and former Bond Girl Denise Richards.” The Sock Monkey Emporium has been running since July 2010 and can be found at