Derek Quinn column: Comparisons can be made with Daggers

Richard Brodie
Richard Brodie
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In my line of work now you are often asked to hold a peer review.

That means finding an organisation that is very similar to yours in terms of size, budget and staffing levels and compare best practice with each other to get some positive learning outcomes.

You don’t tend to do that in football but if you did I would choose Saturday’s visitors Dagenham as Morecambe’s peers.

They have always had a similar following and budget and built their success on pretty much the same solid grounding as the Shrimps.

They are also a team that evoke some of the best and worst memories for me of covering Morecambe, including the two crushing play off defeats when in the Conference and then a few years ago in League 2 when they turned into Barcelona on the same day we morphed into a team of strangers as they beat us 6-0 in the televised first leg.

The first game is the one that sticks out the most however as it involved the friendliest pitch invasion ever seen after the final whistle when Shrimps and Daggers fans alike met face to face to pass on their mutual best wishes.

I also look back at the 6-0 drubbing and how our fans, despite their obvious disappointment, sang their hearts out throughout and actually clapped the players off.

It was a moment Dave Artell described to me as one of the most amazing sights he had ever come across in football.

For me, those two games were what being a TRUE Morecambe fan is all about and what made the club gain an enviable reputation among football’s lower leagues for so long.

Don’t get me wrong – there were moments when things didn’t look so bright.

I always remember Stewart Drummond getting booed ONTO the pitch when he replaced crowd favourite Andy Grimshaw many years ago now but they were very definite isolated incidents.

Last Saturday I was left in a bit of shock when I heard a section of the Morecambe fans booing Richard Brodie and I would ask those people to take a bit of a look at themselves.

Whatever you think about a game I think it is self defeating to boo your own player, apart from a possible exception when it seems pretty clear that he isn’t giving his all for the cause.

Whatever you think of Brodie his commitment is never in doubt and good day or bad, if he is on the field and in a Morecambe shirt he deserves support.

The counter argument is that you pay your money and are entitled to say what you wish and I understand that.

But you only play 50% of your games at home in a season and need the support of your own when you get that chance so the message I have for everyone is to get behind the side on Saturday because I have a feeling that every single point could be important this year for every club currently in the bottom half of League 2.