Demand for ‘Neknomination’ apology

Councillor Darren Clifford.
Councillor Darren Clifford.

A Morecambe county councillor who used to work in an alcohol treatment centre has blasted two colleagues for taking part in an online drinking craze.

Coun Darren Clifford was unimpressed with the actions of Conservative Lancashire county councillors Paul White and Jennifer Purcell, who have caused a storm by joining in the ‘Neknomination’ game which has spread across the internet.

Coun White and Coun Purcell have not apologised for their actions despite a warning about the consequences of the game – which has been linked to five deaths in Great Britain and Ireland.

Coun Clifford, a Labour county councillor and Morecambe town councillor who used to work as a nurse in a German alcohol treatment centre, said: “I am disappointed these two councillors have not found it within themselves to admit the videos were a bad move.

“I have seen first-hand the damage binge drinking can cause, which the council as a whole is keen to draw attention to. There’s nothing wrong with going out for a drink, but the nature of this game is potentially lethal and all councillors need to put this across as a clear message.”

Coun White said that taking part in Neknomination, a game in which people nominate each other to film themselves downing a pint of alcohol while in fancy dress, did not mean he agreed that people should take it to 
extremes. “Some people drive recklessly,” he said. “I drive a car, but that doesn’t mean I endorse drag racing.”

Coun Purcell has declined to comment.

The most recent victim of the craze was found dead in Nottingham after downing two pints of gin.