Dealer told to pay up

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A CONVICTED drug dealer, sentenced to two years after pleading guilty to supplying cannabis, has been ordered to pay back almost £13,000.

Stuart Bridges, 42, of Douglas Drive, Heysham, pleaded guilty to supplying cannabis and money laundering in March 2010.

At Preston Crown Court, officers from Northern Division’s Financial Investigation Unit were successful in their application to have the proceeds from his crimes confiscated.

The benefit of his criminality was set at £42,170 with available assets identified to the value of £12,964.95, which he must now pay back within six months or face a further eight months imprisonment and still owe the money on his release.

Bridges was arrested after police raided his home address on August 14, 2009 and discovered 27 blocks of cannabis resign in the shed and kitchen. Officers seized £4180 after it was discovered in a bedroom drawer.

Financial Investigator Anna Willets said: “The Proceeds of Crime Act is one of many tools we are using to come down hard on criminals.

“I hope this sends out a warning, if we find you with cash that you cannot account for, we will hit you where it really hurts - your wallet.”