Days of liquid lunch at pub are now in past

Mick Dennison.
Mick Dennison.

Anyone over the age of 40 will probably remember those halcyon days when popping out for a liquid lunch was de rigueur in the workplace.

Indeed, I’m sure this great local publication was “put to bed” on a Tuesday afternoon after all the “hacks” had imbibed a few in the Vic. Sadly it looks like all that has now changed.

A poll has recently 
been conducted which 
has identified thousands 
of workers risking death or serious injury every day by operating machinery while under the influence of 
drink and just as disturbing, drugs.

It was noted that 14 per cent of factory workers had operated machinery after a lunchtime tipple.

The survey also revealed that millions of employees turn up to work drunk at least once a year. I can now hear some folk saying “only that many times?”

It seems I’m in an industry that not only gets pilloried for actually selling alcohol in the first place but can also be putting the health and safety of the nation at risk by opening at lunchtime.

To be honest, the folk that live around the Lancaster Road area are hard working and do get up for work in the morning.

Sadly this means they don’t have the inclination to drink on a weeknight. Taking the fact most do work it’s inevitable they won’t be in at lunch either.

That leaves a window of let’s say from Friday tea time to Sunday afternoon for me to make the most of the local trade; not a big trading window considering ‘in the day’ there was National Tyres, a fibre glass manufacturer, Fowlers removals and Hill’s scrap yard right on the doorstep.

Even with a massive employer like the power station in the town there’s not 
much trade from the workers, again owing to absolute zero tolerance towards alcohol consumption; the same goes for Costain with the new road.

Oh for the days of a thriving tourist trade when visitors came for a fortnight and spent well.