David’s Diary - Tackling parking fees

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I have been listening to your views and the views expressed in the #sosmorecambe campaign organised by The Visitor.

One of the things I am hearing on a regular basis is that parking prices need to be reviewed. This is something that is not within my remit, most car parks are operated by Lancaster City Council. However, I am able to question central Government about car parking.

On Thursday Mark Prisk MP, who is the Minister for Housing and Local Government, responded in the Commons to a question tabled by me.

“Making sure that car parking charges are reasonable is an important and practical way in which councils can help support their local high streets. Temporary or permanent free parking periods can provide particular boosts to local high streets and town centres.”

“This government have taken steps to support local high streets. Our plans for the local retention of business rates will mean that councils have a direct financial incentive in supporting business and retail growth in town centres. This is in contrast to the local government system we have inherited, where councils had no real incentives to support local high streets and city centres.”

Mark Prisk’s department gave Morecambe £100,000 of Portas money.

This week I wrote in a national blog that Hitachi’s investment in nuclear power is good for nuclear and good for Heysham. If you would like to read the full article, I will put a link on my website davidmorrismp.co.uk

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