David Morris column

David Morris, Morecambe and Lunesdale MP.
David Morris, Morecambe and Lunesdale MP.

Sometime ago I helped one of our local PCSO’s John Brayshaw with an initiative he had to install CCTV cameras in the White Lund Industrial Estate.

John collected £16,000 from 42 businesses on White Lund to fund the installation of the CCTV system. I was informed on Friday that as a result crime has fallen by 50 per cent.

I of course welcome this reduction it really is excellent news. Also, the images are assisting the Police when criminal cases come to court due to the clarity the CCTV can deliver which really is superb.

The cameras were installed by local CCTV company Bowker and there are plans to expand the project by installing more cameras and establishing a central control room, this really is a fine example of the Police and community working together to reduce crime.

After speaking to PCSO John Brayshaw, I was able to take a look around Bowker Ltd.

Bowker employ 160 people and are currently working on some big projects.

I was pleased also to be informed that as a result of the Heysham M6 Link Road being built, Bowker have recently purchased some land and are in the process of expanding the business.

Quite separately from my meeting at Bowker on Friday I spoke to another constituent who also owns property locally.

This particular constituent had a large deal in place, but, when there was litigation with the link road it looked like the deal may have been off.

Now the link road is being built, the deal is very much back on the table and it is wonderful to see that already the link road is creating investment and new jobs.

On Wednesday at 4.30pm, I have a debate in Westminster Hall tabled the title of the debate is ‘Changes to policy following the Morecambe Bay cockle pickers’ disaster.’

It is really important that the community has an input into this debate so if you would like me to include something you can e-mail me via my website www.davidmorrismp.co.uk or post a letter, for my attention to the House of Commons SW1A 0AA.