David Brayshaw column: The impressives who look out for our town

David Brayshaw.
David Brayshaw.
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Without wishing to bring up old news, my experience with Morecambe Town Council has ignited in me an interest in local politics.

Well, not actually politics because I find that rather dull, but an interest in what’s going on in Morecambe and who is out there looking after all our interests.

I have to admit that I had a little inside knowledge. Christine Stebbing, vice chair of Morecambe Town Team, is my mother-in-law and she often rabbits on about what they are doing.

It’s usually in the middle of a live Liverpool game so I’ve learnt to look interested, whilst not really listening and, to nod every 14 seconds in order to appear attentive.

Even so, little snippets still get through to my subconscious and I recalled that there was to be a meeting at the Lothersdale Hotel, a few days hence, of local people committed to regenerating Morecambe. Could be interesting.

When I got there I couldn’t believe it, it was being chaired by the fastest one man band in the world, Pete Moser.

At least I thought it was him as he does look a bit different without the drum, harmonica and all those cymbals.

Now I’m envious of anyone proficient in a single musical instrument, never mind being able to play numerous instruments all at once.

We must have him in the Carnival...

There appeared to be many Morecambe-orientated people attending and the calibre of these people was impressive.

There were the usual hard working and committed members of the ‘Go Morecambe’ team headed up by my mother-in-law and Debbie Cain, granddaughter of the acclaimed Morecambe entertainer and comedian, Albert Modley, as well as other interested locals, one of whom I’d never met but had heard of, Ian Hughes.

Some of you may know of Ian. He is a fantastic local photographer and advocate of everything Morecambe.

I had a chat with Ian who briefly mentioned his ‘Beachcomber’ proposal which I found fascinating, try Googling it and see for yourself.

This man is full of ideas and has a passion to return Morecambe to its’ glory days. Surely, with people like this in our corner, there is only one way that Morecambe can go and that’s upwards.

Sadly, Ian has, in his own words ‘been banging his head against the council wall’ for over 10 years.

I think a lesser man would have crumbled by now but not he.

Ian seems as excited about the return of the Carnival as the rest of us and he tells me that he’s already preparing his sandwich board that he will proudly wear in the Carnival procession, with his own personal message for the council.

I’m guessing that we may have to form a ‘board of censors’ to run his message by before letting him loose!