David Brayshaw column: Carnival must play by rules

David Brayshaw
David Brayshaw

We had a crucial meeting last week; our first carnival meeting of 2014 and there’s so much to do and so little time.

I can’t believe how quickly the time has passed. Our inaugural meeting was way back in March 2013, 10 months ago and now, we’ve only 16 weeks left!

I know pantomime season is over but I think our health and safety guru deserves a big boo and a hiss; he’s decided that the Carnival procession must be limited to 40 groups, otherwise the procession is going to back up halfway to VVV.

Anyway, this decision means that I’ve had to be ruthless and pick those groups so some are going to be disappointed.

It’s a difficult task, as I met some of these people at the ‘Meet and Greet’ which we did last year and I know how excited they are at the prospect of participating.

Nevertheless, it had to be done and the decisions have now been made; all float entrants should now have received the news, whether it be good or bad and we are now concentrating on the running order.

We have decided to have a five person judging panel to award trophies to the various floats and prizes for fancy dress entries.

Health and safety decrees that we cannot allow anyone in fancy dress to actually join in the procession (not sure if that deserves another ‘boo’, but why not? Boo!)

However, the judges will be mingling with the crowds and inviting the best fancy dress entries to join us on The Bay stage where the various winners will receive cash prizes.

I also went to a very interesting meeting last week to discuss a heritage site in Morecambe.

We had a look round the Taylors building which is next to the Winter Gardens. It is a lovely building, albeit 
a little unloved at the moment, as it’s been empty for a while.

Whilst there I was collared by (and I hope he won’t mind me saying this) a giant of a man who said “You’re the Carnival man aren’t you”?

It appears that this is becoming my new name and although not very glamorous, it is slightly better than what my wife calls me.

Anyway, I own up to being the said ‘Carnival Man’ and so he goes on to query why Taylor’s Funfair’haven’t had a reply to their application for a funfair at the carnival.

I never realised that there was a connection between the Taylor’s buildings and Taylor’s Funfair.

Anyway, this is where I get my own back on good old health and safety as I advise this giant of a man that it’s a delay due to health and safety issues and suggest that he goes to see them direct.

I feel ever so helpful as I pass over the address and telephone number. My good deed for the day!