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David Brayshaw.
David Brayshaw.
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We held our monthly carnival meeting last Friday at The Bay’s HQ in Lancaster.

We decided to schedule the dates of our remaining meetings in the run up to this year’s carnival and the terrifying prospect is that we have only three more monthly meetings and an operational meeting (where we iron out any last minute practical issues) before the big weekend.

We knew that once Christmas was out of the way, the momentum would start to build up and it certainly has; we hit 3,000 Likes on our Facebook page and applications for floats, food and drink concessions and market pitches have been flooding in.

We are over subscribed for float applications already and we will be starting a reserve list, as last year we had one or two drop out. If you have applied to enter a float you should by now have heard back from us, so if you haven’t please get in touch.

This is especially important if you entered a float last year, as we did promise that these entries would have priority (but you do still need to apply).

The food and drink concession applications are pretty much full, but we are still taking applications for stall holders for our Shopping Village, which will be spread over several locations around the Bay Arena, Dome site and Midland Gardens.

We are very excited about our It’s a Knockout competitions which will be held on the Saturday in the Bay Arena. We need teams of nine to compete against each other for the Morecambe Carnival It’s a Knockout Challenge Trophy.

If you fancy entering a team, again, get in touch, as numbers are strictly limited.

Of course, once we have MC15 out of the way, we will hardly have chance to draw breath until planning for MC16 is underway and you can bet that it will build on this year’s successes to bring an even bigger and better event to the town. One important factor which we will have to consider though, is the impact of the new sea defence wall on our plans.

You may not be aware that the existing sea defence wall has ‘concrete cancer’ (due to the wrong type of sand, apparently) and it has developed cracks.

This means that the entire stretch from Happy Mount Park to The Battery will need to be replaced over the next six years.

Obviously, it is vital that we are protected from the onslaught of high tides and we don’t want the return of flooding which we have seen in the past, however, it will mean that in some areas the pedestrian promenade will be narrowed to 1.5m in width.

This will impact on all promenade users, so we are all going to have to be considerate of others, however, it will mean that our carnival procession will not be able to proceed on the pedestrian promenade for the entire route and we are going to have to consider using the road from MC16 onwards.