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Chairman  of Morecambe Carnival  organising committee David Brayshaw.
Chairman of Morecambe Carnival organising committee David Brayshaw.
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I read a newspaper article last week which stated that there are too many vehicles on our roads now; far more than developers ever imagined.

This, together with the fact that many houses are now multi occupancy means that parked cars now line down both sides of some roads and it’s not unusual for pedestrians to be forced into the road to get past cars that are actually parked on the pavement.

I know that obstructing the highway is an offence however, is obstructing the pavement also an offence? I wonder what would happen if a pedestrian, forced onto the road by a parked car, were to get knocked down and injured. Would the owner of the car face prosecution?

It always amazes me when I see cars drive onto the pedestrian area outside the shops at Strawberry Gardens, even though there is plenty of free street parking not 10m away. This is obviously too far for some people to walk, they would rather park right outside the door and force pedestrians to risk life and limb going for a loaf of bread.

Okay that might be a bit of an exaggeration however, there are plenty of school kids who risk life and limb every morning catching the 7.38am train from Morecambe station. I drop my daughter off at the station every morning and the way in which some people park (or maybe abandon is a better description) their cars amazes me.

Every single day motorists park along the double yellow lines restricting the access into the station, some even double park there restricting access altogether.

If you can get into the station, it’s then like Russian Roulette driving past the parked cars to see which one will allow their passenger to throw open their door without a thought that someone might actually be driving past. They don’t seem to consider that their car door might get ripped off or, even worse, that their passenger, usually a school aged child, could get hit by a passing car.

I cannot understand why people will take this risk when, if they drove another 20 metres, there’s a large car park where they can pull up and let their passengers out safely.

Anyone who follows the Morecambe Ladies football team will, I’m sure, know Boris Seagal. He’s responsible for the short videos of the ladies which appear on Youtube after each of their matches. Boris will also be producing video clips of some of our carnival float applicants to chart their progress.

The first has been done and features Morecambe Junior Reds. It’s on Youtube, Facebook and shortly will be on our carnival website. Keep an eye out for future clips and thanks to Boris for preparing these clips to help promote and record MC15.

And finally I really must follow Carla’s example and get back to running club (hopefully the ladies will have forgotten the lycra comments) the ‘sore foot’ excuse is wearing a bit thin now.