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David Brayshaw.
David Brayshaw.
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I’d like to thank all those people who came out to vote in the recent by-election; it was a low turn-out, but that was to be expected I guess, from the reaction of many people that I spoke to in the run up.

In the weeks leading up to the election I knocked on hundreds of doors and spoke to many local residents.

I was absolutely staggered at the complete disinterest shown from a great many people, in their representatives both at local and national level.

I was disheartened at first but, as Carla kept telling me, I was probably guilty of the same just 18 months ago.

My criticisms of the town council are what got me involved with local politics and then my visits to the Foodbank, West End Impact and St Barnabas’ Centre are what got me interested in national politics.

I realise that just because I have experienced things which have galvanised me and make me want to try to help, other people haven’t had these experiences.

There are an awful lot of people who seem very disillusioned with our town and our country but they don’t feel they have any influence to do anything about it.

I believe that the first thing we need to do is make Morecambe a place to be proud of once again and a place that is known, not only for its’ beauty but for its’ hospitality to visitors too.

Many of the local Festival and Events organisers have joined up to help each other to plan and run events in Morecambe and we are hoping to establish a full summer season of events in 2015.

It will be an admirable achievement if we can say that there will be an event every weekend during the summer season.

We want to make Morecambe the place to come back to.

Yes we want first time visitors but I would love to see more second, third and fourth time visitors to events because then we know we are on the right track.

We will be attempting to have more two and three day events so that visitors will spend more time and money in the town and that will have a positive effect for shops, hotels, entertainment venues and, of course, my personal favourite pubs.

If we are going to achieve high numbers of visitor returns, the town will have to tidy itself up.

Whilst out campaigning I was amazed at the amount of rubbish and dog poo in the streets around the town.

I had lots of comments from people about the poor service from the city council, in dealing with this but getting it cleared up isn’t the real issue.

The real issue is stopping it happening in the first place.

I know that some of this harks back to my point about taking pride in where you live and the start of this should be disposing of litter in the right places and always picking up after your dog.