David Brayshaw column

Chairman  of Morecambe Carnival  organising committee David Brayshaw.
Chairman of Morecambe Carnival organising committee David Brayshaw.

We had our first fundraiser last Thursday for MC15. It was a race night at The Lord Nelson pub and it was a great evening.

I think everybody had a good time and, because of everyone’s generosity, we were able to add a significant sum to our carnival funds.

Thanks to everyone who helped, whether by sponsoring a race, donating, attending or betting.

I had a plan: nine races, so I bet on horse number eight every time; I’d decided that it had to win at least once and, if I was lucky, it could just come in two or three times.

It didn’t prove to be a very successful plan as number eight didn’t win once.

Carla’s plan was to sit behind the Tote all night taking bets, with me to keep her supplied with Bacardi; her plan was a huge success.

The Bay Radio’s Danny Matthews was our host for the night (accompanied by the very lovely Amy Scarisbrick) and R Leisure kindly donated the Race Night equipment and commentator.

I know I always seem to be saying thank you, but some companies really do go above and beyond when it comes to supporting their local community.

It’s an important week for us this week, as the new working group set up at the last Town Council meeting meets for the first time tomorrow (Wednesday) to decide how exactly it is going to operate. We are hoping that Morecambe councillors will put aside their differences and work together in order to best promote festivals in our town.

We know it’s not going to be easy however, if we all have the same common goal, it should be possible for us all to work together and take this huge step forward.

I’m just hoping for a good turnout of festival organisers at the meeting, as we’re in August already and we don’t have much time to get things booked for next year.

My ‘X-Files’ mystery emailer sent me another interesting snippet this week which contained a quote from Wayne Hemingway, it stated that 20,000 visitors to an event brought in £1 million.

If this is correct, then MC14 was worth in the region of £1.5 million to the local economy. What a phenomenal sum of money.

Finally, we had a very productive carnival meeting last week.

We are planning a fund raiser at The Queens Hotel in Morecambe (Please don’t say anything, because I’ve not asked them yet) and also a musical talent night at Trimpell, where local bands and singers can come along and showcase their talents.

This will keep Carla happy, as she loves to listen to live music and who knows? We might even find a musical act to perform on stage at MC15, in front of 30,000+ people.