David Brayshaw column

Chairman  of Morecambe Carnival  organising committee David Brayshaw.
Chairman of Morecambe Carnival organising committee David Brayshaw.
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I thought I’d treat Carla to a night out last week, somewhere other than Morecambe Town Hall.

We’ve been to so many meetings there recently that I probably have a better attendance record than most of the councillors.

I might even check this out.

I decided to take her to Smokey O’Connor’s, which is a hidden gem in Morecambe.

Carla and I first went there last year when we attended Steve Middlesbrough’s Zombieville, which was held in the first floor function room. We were both pleasantly surprised at how nice it is inside and the friendly atmosphere.

Each time we go, there seems to have been more improvement work done and we have had some great nights listening to local bands and of course, the karaoke performers, who all seem to have their own favourite songs.

Anyway, I’d seen that Fuse were performing and I know that Carla likes them.

We saw them at Trimpell last year and they were great.

I don’t think my mate Hutty (Trimpell Treasurer) was too impressed when Simon was leaping around the furniture, but even he had to admit that they really entertained the punters.

We were really impressed with them and were thrilled when they agreed to appear live at the carnival earlier this year.

Anyway, true to form, Fuse were great and we had a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

We even saw Shaun Michaels team up to perform with Fuse later in the evening.

The problem is that when you stay in one place all evening you lose track of how much you’ve drunk, which we did, so persuading the old legs to walk straight when you get up is a bit of a challenge.

We left Smokey’s just before midnight and went in search of a taxi. This does bring up the age old question: where do taxis magically disappear to between 11.45 and 12.00pm?

We were stood on the Clock Tower Taxi Rank and not one taxi passed by. At 12.01am though, lo and behold, lots of taxis.

We had a visit to our offices this week from Amina Lone, the Labour Party Parliamentary Candidate and she brought along the Shadow Minister for Small Business, Toby Perkins.

I don’t know why they chose to visit us but it did mean that I had to spend half a day tidying up. Worse than this, Carla saw me and now I’ve been told that I can help out at home too.

I’ve met Amina before and she is a lovely lady; I hadn’t heard of Toby Perkins though, so I Googled him.

I discovered that he’s the MP for Chesterfield (brilliant!)

When he asked me if I had any questions that I’d like to ask him, I replied by asking how he felt when Chesterfield played at the Globe last season: they were 3-0 up at half time but we stormed back in the second half and ended up beating them 4–3.

I don’t think he meant this sort of question.