David Brayshaw column

Chairman  of Morecambe Carnival  organising committee David Brayshaw.
Chairman of Morecambe Carnival organising committee David Brayshaw.

So, I was listening to the radio and I hear the familiar voice of The Visitor’s Greg Lambert.

This caught my attention so I listened as he droned on about an upcoming fight that he was having with wrestling champion Joey Hayes.

Now, I’m pretty sure that these wrestling bouts are ‘staged’ but the combatants are athletes nevertheless and, during all of the carnival meetings which Greg attended, I don’t recall him being particularly athletic but, listening to him explaining how he was going to beat this Joey Hayes I thought that I must be wrong.

I couldn’t make it to the Globe to watch the contest but I did catch the video of the bout (if that’s what you can call it).

If you haven’t seen it, go to The Visitor website and take a look, it’s hilarious.

My first impression of Greg ‘The Truth’ Lambert was correct; he is definitely not an athlete.

He was lucky that a ‘Bad Guy’ intervened in the match before he really got hurt.

My advice to Greg: stick to the editorial because you’re not too bad at that.

It’s good to see the Globe Arena hosting events such as these; it really is a fantastic venue which I’m sure can host a myriad of different events.

In fact, The Globe management have kindly agreed to host a Casino Night fundraiser for Morecambe Carnival early next year.

We are eagerly awaiting the new fixture list to be announced, not only so I can schedule the home games, but also so that we can agree a suitable date for the Casino Night; a Saturday when we are playing away, but maybe not too far.

We are hoping to start raising money early for the MC15 Carnival fund.

Bigger and better means more expense however, with the support of the local community and businesses, I’m sure we can build on MC14.

Which reminds me to mention, the carnival AGM is on Thursday, June 12 at the Trimpell.

There will be the usual election of officials, (although there’s only four and they are unopposed) then I will give a brief report as will our treasurer.

Then it’s over to the floor. Give us your feedback and ideas for next year. We really want to make next year bigger and better and I’m sure that there will be some fantastic ideas that we’ve not thought of, so please come along.

Carla says that I should arrange for tea and coffee to be provided, really? It’s at Trimpell and not only do they have two bars, the beer’s cheap too.

I’ll ask Trimpell to lay on tea and coffee but I bet the only person drinking any is Carla because I’m going to make her drive.

On a very sad note, the whole of Morecambe Carnival Committee would like to pass on our condolences to our Carnival Queen, May Mashiter and all of her family on the sad and sudden loss of her father; our thoughts are with you all.