David Brayshaw column

Chairman  of Morecambe Carnival  organising committee David Brayshaw.
Chairman of Morecambe Carnival organising committee David Brayshaw.

In this inaugural carnival year, we are hoping to attract up to 5,000 spectators during the day to watch the procession and the star studded Grand Finale in the Festival Arena.

We have brand new carnival trophies and we’ve also got £200 cash, kindly donated, for the winners of the fancy dress competition.

The carnival could be one of the major festivals in Morecambe, alongside other great events such as the Variety Festival, Sunshine Awards, Nice and Sleazy, Kite Festival, Zombieville, Vintage Festival, Bare Fest, all the More Music events and Steve Middlesbrough’s Festivals.

I’m sure I’ve missed some out and I apologise to those event organisers, but this range of events shows that with a bit of hard work and co-operation, we can create a summer season, which other seaside towns will be envious of.

I am aware that I have omitted one festival. This particular festival was introduced to the town in 2000 and has run every year since.

This festival attracts 1,500 participants with around 75 per cent of those from outside the area, some from as far afield as Australia.

This festival awards prize money in excess of £10,000. This festival will be running again in 2014, September 9-12 and is sure to be a huge success once again.

This festival is the Morecambe Bay Golf Festival and has been organised for the past 13 years by Rob Kavanagh and Sam Holmes, two unassuming but very hard working local golfers. Not only does this festival attract many out of town golfers to visit our town and spend their money here, but it also raises the profile of the town and raises funds for three local golf clubs. It’s a tremendous achievement to create such a popular local event and I hope we can achieve similar long term success with the carnival.

I went onto our carnival website last week to check out the new pictures of Mick Gorry’s horse and carriage, taken at the recent ‘Viva Morecambe’ Media Launch. Workshop Media do a fantastic job of updating and refreshing our website, but I was horrified when I clicked a link and up popped a ticking countdown to carnival day.

There it was ticking down, second by second, minute by minute, oh no, I’ve only got 46 days, 17 hours and 29, no 28, no 27 seconds left.

It was horrifyingly hypnotic and I wasted far too long staring at this countdown. Note to Workshop Media: Take it off, before it drives me demented.

If you saw the pictures of the ‘Viva Morecambe’ launch in last week’s paper, you’ll have noticed that we had the pleasure of the company of Minnie Mouse and Donald Duck aka Louise and Deborah from Fancy That. Not only are the girls participating in the carnival procession, they’ve also kindly agreed to ‘kit our new Carnival King and Queen once they’ve been chosen. Just six weeks to go now – will we be ready?