David Brayshaw column

David Brayshaw.
David Brayshaw.

Oh dear, apparently I’ve upset the mayor, or to be more precise, the current incumbent.

I was introduced to the mayor last week during my first official duty as Vice-Captain of Heysham Golf Club (a position which I am very honoured to have been asked to take up).

I was surprised that my name was recognised and even more surprised at the venom I was subjected to, when told that my column was no longer on her reading list as she “knows what I’m about”

I’m not sure what this actually meant but it did get me thinking. What have I done that would create such a reaction?

I am part of a group which is working to bring back Morecambe Carnival. Over a thousand locals will be participating and we are hoping to attract between five and six thousand spectators.

We will be entertaining visitors from 12pm until about 8.30pm and we have attracted coach tours from as far away as Glasgow.

This isn’t being done for any personal gain, quite the opposite in fact and all our committee are giving their time for free.

This is all being done for the benefit of Morecambe to showcase our town and make people feel proud of where they live.

I know that I’ve had a couple of ‘digs’ at Morecambe Town Council regarding their funding decisions and I have expressed my disappointment on the council website, however, I’m a rate payer, and I am allowed an opinion.

I guess that my comment about the Town Councillors maybe wearing our giant puppet heads on carnival day may not have gone down too well, although Darren Clifford and Tracey Brown saw the funny side and Terri Metcalfe actually wrote to me saying that she’d love to take me up on the offer.

Anyway, I’m don’t want to become embroiled in any political battles; I haven’t got the time or the inclination however, I’d be more than happy to meet with any Morecambe Town Councillor if they’d like a frank exchange of views.

One of the first things which I tried to establish when the Carnival Committee was formed was a dialogue between all the festival organisers involved in Morecambe.

I’ve had some great meetings with a lot of organisers and have collaborated on ideas and themes and, of course, some are participating in the carnival.

Only last week we had a collaboration which made us a significant financial saving.

Unfortunately it has to do with toilets.

The carnival has to provide toilet facilities on the Sunday and they were costing us nearly £2,500 however, Carnforth Rotary need toilets at their car boot sale on Ryelands Park on the following day and, by combining the order we have both managed to make significant savings on providing you the facility of spending a penny.