David Brayshaw column

David Brayshaw.
David Brayshaw.

Since becoming involved in bringing back the carnival I have learnt a lot, not only the intricacies of event organising and, of course, Health and Safety legislation, but also a lot about the history of the town in which I was born and grew up.

In addition, I have been introduced to some amazing people who are working feverishly for the benefit of Morecambe, unpaid and unacknowledged and it is these people who are dragging Morecambe out of the depths and I truly believe that Morecambe is beginning to prosper as a result.

Unfortunately I have also learnt an alternative meaning for the word ‘troll’.

I always thought that this was a mythical creature who lives under a bridge however, it is also someone “who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people”.

The carnival has a Facebook page which we use to keep people up to date with what’s happening; we have over 1,200 followers and, although I know I’m tempting fate, we only have one person who likes to make negative comments.

I know that everyone is entitled to their opinion, we all have relatives who died in the Great Wars in order to protect our freedom of speech however, it’s the three letters which follow the negative comments that get up my nose - `lol’.

For a middle aged man, who was schooled, and still lives in Morecambe to make comments hoping that the carnival will fail and then to add `lol’ (which my daughter tells me is ‘laugh out loud’) is beyond me.

Why would someone living in Morecambe want to see us fail? I can understand if someone said ‘I think that you will fail’; I could argue our case against that but hoping we fail? I guess if he’s so unhappy with Morecambe, he’ll soon move to somewhere better although I’m not sure where this will be. If he’d like to call, I’ll tell him where he can go.

On a more positive note, we have lots of float entries, fund raising is on target, sponsorship is going well and we are receiving many offers of raffle prizes (including a mini break, courtesy of South Lakeland Parks).

We have a great mix of concessions who will be feeding the hungry carnival-goers in our food village and plenty of stalls to browse in our vintage and craft market. But what I am really looking forward to, is being able to present CancerCare with a significant cheque from the people and businesses of Morecambe and surrounding areas.

I’m also looking forward to the crowning of the Carnival King and Queen; I can’t say too much about this however, all you primary school children keep watching (and listening), because the details of the competition to decide who will become our Carnival King or Queen for 2014 will be announced soon.

May 4 will just be the start of your exciting year in office, until MC15 comes around.