David Brayshaw column

David Brayshaw.
David Brayshaw.

I’m sure that my wife thinks that I’m having an affair.

Before embarking on the resurrection of the Morecambe Carnival, I used to be home most evenings and like many others, I’d have my tea and then maybe a Strongbow to wind down after a hard day at work.

Not anymore; I’m out two, three sometimes even four times a week at various meetings discussing all sorts of ideas about Morecambe and how we can make things better.

When I say discussing, I don’t do much of that, I’m usually sat at the back listening and picking up little pointers that might be helpful to the Carnival.

This was the case during the recent ‘Morecambe Heritage’ meetings although I got too carried away with some of the ideas being bandied about and ended up sticking my hand up and volunteering to be the secretary.

Why? I hear you cry, or maybe that was just the echo of my wife asking that same question when I told her.

My answer of ‘there was no-one else’ didn’t go down at all well and now life is a lot quieter because she isn’t talking to me.

Is this a bad thing? Well, I’ve got to say ‘yes’ because I know that she’ll read this and my life will be a living hell if I say anything other than I’m gutted that she isn’t talking to me.

On the plus side, I did get to watch Liverpool thrash Everton the other night without a single whinge.

In truth, the heritage meeting was great.

I was a bit sceptical; I’ve been in some heritage centres and, well, come out again.

Not much to report. The ideas being discussed for Morecambe though are brilliant: interactive features, re-enactments, maybe a Time Team style dig involving local people – it really makes you want to get involved, so I did.

I cannot really say too much more about this as it’s still early days but keep an eye out for ‘tasters’ and the like, as I believe that there may be one or two things happening.

I must also say that we had a great meeting last week with More Music and we are thrilled to announce that Bay Beat will be taking part in the carnival procession and maybe even doing a little entertaining of the crowds afterwards.

We met in their West End offices/performing studio.

It was originally a music hall and is a fantastic space with great facilities for budding musicians.

It brought back some great memories for me because I remember the place when it was ‘The Dev’ snooker club.

In fact, between there and the Saloon Bar of the Grosvenor Hotel, I studied for my ‘O’ Levels.

Disclaimer: Children, this is not the best revision preparation and please note, I took and failed, Geology ‘O’ Level three times meaning that I never became a geologist.

Not that I’m bothered because I wanted to be an airline pilot and I never did that either.