Darren Milby column: Is plastic surgery in Vogue?

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Did you see the pictures of Madonna in the papers recently?

It’s not for me to speculate about what has happened to her face but some analysts seemed to suggest that she may have had a bit of work done.

The reason for this outlandish assumption was that her face did look a little ‘puffy’ when she appeared at a concert in London.

Yes she may well have visited a plastic surgeon for a bit of a nip and tuck but there are other options.

You know when you have a huge zit on your face and you attempt to squeeze it? But instead of it shooting out and splattering the bathroom mirror, the puss goes inside your face instead. The result is a big puffy lump on your face.

Maybe old Madge had a face full of pimples and is just really bad at squeezing the. But chances are she’s had a bit of work done!

I was very late to discover what all the fuss was about with Coldplay. When their debut album came out 13 years ago I thought they were a bit dull. In fact quite depressing. I thought of them as U2 wannabes just not as good.

Then as their success propelled them into global success and many looked upon the band as bland and possibly pretentious – certainly in the case of Chris Martin -– I actually finally ‘got’ them.

The song that turned me into a fan was ‘Speed of Sound’ which was inspired by Kate Bush’s ‘Running Up That Hill’ which is one of my favourite songs.

The comparison with U2 is all the more relevant now because the Irish rockers were certainly for a long time the biggest band in the world.

There is no scientific way to prove this but I think most would concur. But in the last few years that rug has been firmly pulled from beneath Bono and the boys and it’s hard to disagree that Coldplay hold that title now.

Interesting then that the music press is buzzing with rumours that Chris Martin is working with U2 on their brand new album.

This has led to denials on all sides but Chris was spied leaving the studio where U2 are recording.

It could be an exciting collaboration between the former and current biggest band in the world or it might just be that Chris was popping round for a brew and custard Creme with The Edge.