Darren Milby column

(Left to right) Jonny Buckland, Chris Martin, Guy Berryman and Will Champion Picture: Ian West/PA Wire.
(Left to right) Jonny Buckland, Chris Martin, Guy Berryman and Will Champion Picture: Ian West/PA Wire.
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I must start by wishing you a Happy New Year. I know it sounds sad to say but I was looking forward to getting back to work and a normal routine.

For the past few weeks all I seem to have been doing is shovelling Quality streets and Roses into my gob! 2014 could be an amazing year for music.

This time 12 months ago I remember prattling on about the return of the bands and guitars coming back in a big way. Well that never really happened in 2013 so my credentials as Mystic Milby are a tad dodgy to say the least.

This year I’m going to focus on big artists who are planning new albums in the next year.

I’m choosing already successful artists so at least my predictions of what will be big in 2014 stand a fighting chance of coming true this time.

Kylie Minogue has signed up to be a coach on The Voice replacing Jessie J.

I suspect her new album will take advantage of all this TV exposure and appear in the first quarter of the year. Kylie is at an interesting stage of her career when she is perhaps a little old to appeal to the teenage pop market.

Does this mean we will hear a more sophisticated and adult sound?

Apparently she has recorded a duet with rapper Brooke Candy. This could be quite a new direction for Kylie.

Coldplay are rumoured to be following up 2011’s Mylo Xyloto this year.

That record was perhaps their most poppy to date. It will be interesting to see if they continue down the stadium-filler mode or head in a more alternative direction.

U2 are releasing their new record soon. There are rumours it will include a duet with Coldplay.

No doubt the album will be followed by a huge stadium tour. Foo Fighters have confirmed a new release in 2014. As a band they just get better and better.

We should see the record sometime in the summer.

Now I’ve no idea if this will happen this year but you never know.

A new Adele album. One Republic’s Ryan Teddar worked with her on the record –breaking ‘21’ and has confirmed that she has returned to the studio.

That doesn’t mean that will see the eagerly anticipated follow-up this year but you never know.

If that record does surface I suspect it will be later in the year in the run up to Christmas.

2014 is shaping up to be an exciting year for new music.