Damaged water pipe led to loss of water supply in parts of Lancaster

A damaged water pipe affected water supplies to houses on Scotforth Road and surrounding areas on Tuesday.

Wednesday, 7th August 2019, 2:31 pm
United Utilities repaired a damaged water pipe on Scotforth Road.

United Utilities said a very large water pipe was dug through near Scotforth Road in Lancaster at 12.30pm.

A spokesman for United Utilities said: “Our teams had to isolate the damaged section of pipe and then re-route the water supplies though other pipes in the area.

“We deployed 23 of our large water tankers, (each one can carry 33,000 litres of water) to pump water directly into the mains to help get supplies back on while we did the necessary repairs.

“Altogether some 2,000 properties were affected after the damage happened at around 12.30pm.

“We managed to get water flowing to half of the properties within three hours and the most of the others were back on by 6.30pm.

“We responded quickly as soon as we were notified about the damage to the pipe.

“We are sorry for the inconvenience this will have caused and we thank people for their patience while we got supplies running again.”