Young people can Trust Ed for information on drugs and bullying

Trust Ed website is a one stop shop for information.
Trust Ed website is a one stop shop for information.
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Young people can now get information on drugs, alcohol, bullying and e-safety from a new website launched by Lancashire Constabulary.

‘Trust Ed’ is a one-stop shop for facts, advice and support on a wide range of crime-related issues for youngsters aged ten to fourteen.

The site, which was developed in consultation with young people across Lancashire, will provide up-to-date information on news and issues affecting the age group and will host live web chats with police officers.

Assistant Chief Constable Mark Bates of Lancashire Constabulary said: “We all know prevention is better than cure and Trust Ed is a fantastic way of supporting our work with partners in educating young people about the risks that exist not just in the outside world, but online as well.

“Young people are more at risk than any other age group of falling victim to certain crimes, such as street robberies, as well as being exposed to cyber bullying and other risks, such as sexual exploitation.

“Some young people may not feel able to ask their friends questions for fear of looking stupid, and sometimes don’t feel or aren’t able to go to a parent or trusted adult about a problem.

“We want ‘Trust Ed’ to become a reliable and trusted resource that young people in the county can go to for information and advice.

“We hope it will arm users with facts about how to stay safe, the law and the potential consequences of breaking the law, allowing them to make responsible choices as they go about their everyday lives.

“We also want the site to raise awareness of a number of different crimes, warning signs to look out for amongst friends who may be a victim, where to go to get help and how to report anything worrying or suspicious.”

The ‘Trust Ed’ website is at at