West End shooting drama

St Barnabas Charity Shop on Regent Road, Morecambe.
St Barnabas Charity Shop on Regent Road, Morecambe.

People had to duck for cover when they were shot at in the street.

The drama unfolded on Regent Road in Morecambe, yesterday, Monday, at 1pm when a man in a top floor flat on Westminster Road started taking pot shots at passers-by.

One witness, who does not wish to be named, said: “You could hear the crack and the whizz as he shot.

“I think he had a high velocity air rifle which smashed the window at the community centre. He shot at four or five people who were running in the street.

“It’s like living in Beirut. He was shooting at people he doesn’t even know.”

Police said they were called out to Regent Road at 12.50pm after reports of a shooting incident.

A window next to the charity shop at St Barnabas Centre was cracked. A man was arrested near the scene and has been charged to appear in court.