Video: Mother and blind son burgled

A mother and her blind son were burgled while they were raising money for charity.

Angela Sanchez and son Gabriel were fundraising for Galloway’s Society for the Blind when their house was broken into.

Angela Sanchez and son Gabriel who have been burgled

Angela Sanchez and son Gabriel who have been burgled

Burglars stole a Spanish language laptop, an iPhone and some cash.

Now Gabriel is unable to speak to his sister, cousins and uncle in Spain which he did with the use of his laptop on a daily basis.

Gabriel, who is still learning to speak English, said: “I speak to my sister and friends in Spain and I can also listen to music and learn to play the guitar.

“Now I can’t.”

Angela said: “The laptop has a special programme on it which speaks to you in Spanish. It also has a Spanish keyboard.

“We are very upset. Gabriel used the phone a lot as well, it’s just awful. It’s just not fair when you depend on things like that.

“We were collecting for Galloway’s in Asda. We came back and we had been broken into.

“They had broken the glass in the front door and went straight to the bedroom.

“My handbag was on the table and they didn’t touch it.”

Angela, 48 and Gabriel, 24, have lived in Morecambe for 18 months.

Gabriel has been totally blind since the age of 18 and is totally dependent on mum Angela for all his needs. Since the burglary, they have both been nervous and restless and now say they want to move house.

Later this year, Gabriel is hoping to get a guide dog but presently feels scared to go out after what has happened.

Angela said: “He’s frightened to go out and he doesn’t want to be on his own.

“I don’t think we’ll get the stuff back. It will be impossible to save up for another phone and laptop as this would cost around £800.

“The laptop wouldn’t really be of use either as it has a Spanish keyboard.It’s a shame.”

Police said the burglary happened on Friday, May 10, between 12pm and 6pm at an address on Woodhill Avenue in Morecambe.