Victims send conman their own message

Preston Crown Court
Preston Crown Court

Victims of a pair of fraudsters sent a personal Christmas card to one of the conmen signed ‘on behalf of 127 investors.

Convicted £5m fraudster Malcolm Barber received the card on Christmas Day as a reminder that while he was eating his festive meal, the 127 people who paid for it were themselves struggling financially, in some cases quite desperately.

The card was dated January 17, 2014 - the date Barber and his sidekick Terry Warrington, a corrupt Morecambe businessman will appear for sentence at Preston Crown Court.

Conman Malcolm Barber, of Links View, Wallasey, is privately protesting his innocence to friends.

He has written letters to associates declaring: “I am not dishonest”.

With his sidekick Terry Warrington, a corrupt Morecambe businessman, the pair ruthlessly ripped-off 127 unwitting people – many pensioners who had handed over their life savings and retirement funds.

Despite a £2m black hole in their finances and being insolvent, the men continued to dupe investors into handing over more cash on the promise of unachievable returns.

In the letter, Barber blames his corrupt business partner Terry Warrington, writing: “I have been terribly let-down by my ex-business partner in this company, whom I relied upon to ensure investors funds were both secure and providing returns. The ex-partner – who has always operated from Morecambe – has admitted to the theft of investors funds.”

Barber and Warrington appear for sentence at Preston Crown Court on January 17.