Thieves steal lead from Loyne School in Lancaster

Thieves stripped lead from the roof at Loyne school in Lancaster.
Thieves stripped lead from the roof at Loyne school in Lancaster.

Thieves targeted a school in Lancaster and vandalised the roof, stripping lead from it.

A member of staff arrived at the Loyne Specialist School on Monday, June 25, to discover roof tiles strewn across the play areas, plant pots smashed by fallen debrisin the conservatory and large sections of the roof stripped of its lead.

As staff began to arrive at school they were equally as distressed by the scene that greeted them.

The children and young people were told that despite the lovely hot weather, they weren’t allowed outside until a full check of the grounds had been conducted.

Headteacher Susan Campbell said: “It has cost the school £1250 to repair the damage and replace the tiles. As many people will be aware, schools nationally face difficult financial times and we simply cannot afford further demands on our budget, least of all from such mindless acts of vandalism. “ One of the school’s student council members said: “‘I think it is disgraceful, they shouldn’t be doing it.” and “It looks awful”.

Police said the criminal damage was reported to them on June 25. The damage happened between 2pm and 4pm on June 24. Two people are believed to have climbed onto the roof and damaged the tiles and stolen the lead roofing.Police are still investigating.

Call police on 101 with any information.