Supermarket sweep raiders caught red-handed

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A PAIR of thieves relived old TV favourite Supermarket Sweep as they filled two trolleys full of goodies and made a bid for freedom.

The men made their way around Sainsbury’s on Lancaster Road, Morecambeand attempted to steal items worth £750 by running from the store at around 7pm on Wednesday, July 18.

Police told The Visitor they recovered the items at an address the following day, where they were being divided up and put in bags with names and shopping lists on, believed by officers to mean it was stolen to order.

Sgt Dave Forshaw, Morecambe Police, said: “We’ve had a bit of an issue over the last 18 months or so with shoplifting offences but this one is different. This was unusual in our increase because most offences have been for food items but not to such a high value. Usually the items are equivalent to what one person can carry. We have identified a problem with shoplifting in the last year but a lot of effort made has been made an the increase has been brought under control, including Operation Mercury at the moment.”

* Michael Saunderson, 38, of Parliament Street, Morecambe, has been charged with theft and will appear at Lancaster Magistrates Court on August 9.

* A 17-year-old man who can’t be named for legal reasons, has been charged with shoplifting and will appear before Youth Court on July 31.