Special constables take to the streets to highlight policing work

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Members of Lancashire Special Constabulary took to the streets of Lancashire as part of the National Specials Weekend.

The volunteer police officers gave up their time for free, working a total of 1,450hrs hours to support policing, working in their communities as part of the weekend.

The weekend looked to highlight the work Specials do in support of regular officers, carrying out a range of activities to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour, allowing the public to get an insight into the work that they do.

The weekend saw performing 220 separate duties including attendance at 62 logs policing the busy towns and cities, carrying out 13 reassurance patrols, as well as getting involved in specialist operations in local neighbourhoods.

Special Constabulary Officers stopped 143 vehicles as part of a road policing operation, carried out four Community Road Watch schemes, dealt with four people missing from home and carried out six alcohol seizures.

Nigel Walters, the Chief Officer of Lancashire’s Special Constabulary, said: “The intention of this weekend was to raise awareness of the invaluable work that the Special Constabulary does day-in-day-out.

“It was an impressive turnout across the county over both days supporting regular operations and duties, plus an important training weekend was successfully hosted at police headquarters.

“The Special Constabulary is an integral part of policing in the county and we wanted to reflect on the work we do to keep communities safe.”

Lancashire Constabulary has a total of 471 special constables.

They have full police powers and perform the same duties as regular officers. These can range from general patrol to the policing of football matches and road traffic incidents.