Rural crime network is praised by MP

Policing Minister Damian Green MP.
Policing Minister Damian Green MP.

An innovative rural network set up to help combat crime in the countryside has been praised by a government minister.

Launched earlier this year, the National Rural Crime Network brings together Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) with other rural stakeholders .

So far, the initiative has been endorsed by 26 PCCs, including Lancashire’s as well as other supporters.

Despite being only a few months old, the network was praised by policing minister Damian Green during a debate in the House of Commons.

“It is good to see PCCs in rural areas coming together in that way,” said Mr Green.

“One of the best things the network does is to ensure that best practice is shared, so that things can be co-ordinated and sustained effectively.

Nick Payne, of the Rural Services Network, said: “While rural crime might not be as numerous [as urban crime], its impact can be just as great.Rural areas can also face a higher fear of crime because populations are more elderly and isolated.

“We want to assist the police where we can.”