Police extend blitz on vulnerable road users

Police are continuing their road safety operation.
Police are continuing their road safety operation.

A road safety campaign focusing on the roads around Lancaster and Morecambe has been extended for another month after 461 road users were stopped during October.

Operation Bramble ran for the month of October, with the aim of reducing the number of casualties, particularly among vulnerable road users.

This was done via a combination of educating road users and increased enforcement efforts on a number of target roads in the area. The target roads include the A683 between Lancaster and Kirkby Lonsdale, the A588 between Poulton and Lancaster, the A586 between Garstang and Poulton, theA6 between Lancaster city centre south and Galgate and the A6 around Morecambe and Lancaster Road, Morecambe. However, despite the encouraging 37% reduction in the number of RTCs resulting in injury on the ten target roads, the number of road users who passed away or who were seriously injured on the area’s roads overall continued to rise during October.

Sgt Nigel Ralphson of Lancaster Police’s Road Policing Unit, said: “Despite some encouraging results last month, we are still unfortunately experiencing rises in the number of road users killed or seriously injured on our roads.

“It is particularly worrying officers are still having to speak to drivers about not wearing a seatbelt while they are driving. Not only is it an offence to not wear a seatbelt while driving, but motorists are significantly increasing their chances of being killed or seriously injured if they are involved in a collision. There will be a big reduction in the amount of compensation they’d get if they’re found to have not been wearing a seatbelt.”