Passengers covered in glass after bus windows smash in Lancaster

Damage to the bus in Morecambe Road
Damage to the bus in Morecambe Road
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A bus had its windows smashed in an incident police suspect involved an air gun in Lancaster.

Lancashire Police say they are investigating whether a BB gun was used during the incident in Morecambe Road at around 5.10pm on Friday November 11.

Chelsea Callan, who was on the bus at the time, said: “The bus was coming along Morecambe Road in the bus lane, and it was between Summersgill Road bus stop & Carlisle Bridge bus stop.

“The windows just went through! It was quite scary.

“One lady was covered in glass and another lady jumped up to clean her off.

“Luckily enough there was a bus right behind to get all the passengers on that. The majority of the passengers were shaken up.”

BB guns are a type of air gun designed to shoot shot projectiles called BBs, which are essentially metal balls.

Anyone with information should contact police on 101.