Out-of-date chicken wings supplied to Lancashire cash and carry 'unfit for human consumption'

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A firm that supplied out of date chicken wings to a Lancaster cash and carry, purporting they were safe to eat, is to be sentenced in January for fraud and food safety flouts.

Around 50 boxes of frozen chicken was supplied to Ahmeds Cash and Carry on Northgate, White Lund, Morecambe - which has since closed - by Liverpool-based B Davies and Son in June 2016.

Ahmed's cash and carry fell victim to food fraud

Ahmed's cash and carry fell victim to food fraud

The company, which admits fraud by false representation, and five charges of contravening food safety regulations, will appear at Preston Crown Court on January 8.

Two counts involve placing food unfit for human consumption on the market, another relates to the destination of nine boxes being untraceable, and two relate to relabelling boxes to remove their use by date, adding a best before date and changing the production information so consumers would be misled.