Out of control car in house crash shock

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This was the scene after a racing car ploughed into a couple’s conservatory where their four-year-old grandson had been playing just an hour earlier.

Kevin and Lynne Fishwick say tiny Jake or his one year-old cousin Maizi could have been killed when a green Ford Mondeo, racing a white van, careered off the road smashing through a wall and into the rear of their home.

Jake’s grandma Lynne, of Kelso Close, Heysham, said they were enjoying their Sunday afternoon when they heard a huge bang.

She said: “The house literally shook.

“That was when I saw all the debris in the conservatory. 
My daughter came into the living room and I told her to dial 999. I saw two young lads and they just legged it.

“One of them was trying to retrieve something and left before he could.

“Police later said it was a mobile phone which they thought he was trying to grab.”

The family said a witness saw the green Ford Mondeo and a white Astra van in the village before they were seen racing side by side on Barrows Lane, to the rear of the Fishwick’s property at speeds up to 60 or 70mph.

Lynne said: “My grandson or granddaughter could have been in there and been seriously injured or worse.”

Kevin said: “There is a big gap in the wall and it really needs some white arrows or signs saying sharp bend, slow down.

“We were all shaken up at what could have happened.

“We have been in this house for six years and a car has already gone through the wooden fencing at the back.

“Luckily I replaced the wooden fencing with concrete or else the car could have come straight into the house.”

“It’s a very busy footpath and popular with dog walkers and cyclists, so it’s lucky no-one was walking there at that point in time or they could have been killed.

“Is it going to take someone getting killed before some sort of barrier is put up?”

The family said the damage to the conservatory and wall is estimated to be at least £5,000.

Police said the incident happened at 1.40pm on Sunday.

The two ran off towards Half Moon Bay.

The first man is described as white, short hair, black jacket, either late teens or early 20s.

The police helicopter went up to find them but no arrests have been made as yet.

The car, which was recovered had no insurance and no MOT.

Police said there may have been another car involved and they may have been racing.