OAP’s horror after pet is killed by dogs

Hampsfell Drive in Westgate where the dog attack happened.
Hampsfell Drive in Westgate where the dog attack happened.
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A pet chihuahua was mauled to death by two dogs in an horrific attack in front of his elderly owner.

Grandma-of-two Marjorie Cardy, 85, was left devastated after the attack on her beloved dog Pancho, her pet for three years.

The tiny dog was set upon by two staffie-type dogs off their leads and was ‘tossed about like a rag doll’ said Marjorie’s niece Pauline McCrum.

Pauline said: “Pancho was her reason for getting up and she is devastated.

“She got up as normal last Wednesday morning and took Pancho out to do his business on Hampsfell Drive, Westgate.

“She always had him on a lead. She was walking down the road with him, and bear in mind she is hard of hearing, when she saw this dog come charging across the road. It was a staffie off the lead. The dog jumped on Pancho and picked him up by his neck and started shaking him. The dog tried to pick him up and then the other dog came and joined him.

“Both dogs were tossing him about like a rag doll. My auntie was screaming but the owner, a young lad with a hoodie on, just stood there.

“Some residents in nearby flats came out and sat with my auntie and phoned the police.

“Marjorie just sat there sobbing because his neck had been broken. She was just traumatised seeing that happen.

“My auntie was incoherent when the dog warden arrived so they took the dog and said they would keep it for her until she decided what to do.

“They were together all the time, she was his constant companion. He would cuddle up to her on the sofa and sit in her knitting bag.

“The lad said he was traumatised by it and his dogs never did anything like it before.

“It was a lack of control. One of the dogs was a brindle type and the other was white with a brown smudge.

“I am close to Marjorie and she is like a second mum to me. Shortly before she got Pancho she had a poodle that died when she was 15.

“Her daughter Angela gave Pancho to my aunt and since then they have grown closer and closer. He was such a little cutie, he was adorable.”

Police said they were informed about the attack at 9.40am on Wednesday, January 21.

A police spokesman said: “This was a dog on dog incident and we are making enquiries into it to try and identify who the man is and the breed of the dogs.”

A spokesman for Lancaster City Council’s dog wardens said: “The wardens attended the scene and asked if they could take the dog to look after it until the owner was in a better frame of mind.”

The dog was eventually taken to the vets at Pets4Home and will be cremated.

A donation page at www.gofundme.com/koe6jk?fb_action_ids=10152661974478927&fb_action_types=og.shares&fb_ref=fb_cr_n has already raised £205 for Pancho.