Nuisance tenant gets evicted

Debbie Parkinson from Adactus Housing.
Debbie Parkinson from Adactus Housing.

A sheltered housing tenant has been evicted by Adactus Housing Association after years of anti-social behaviour.

Martin Brook, 64, was evicted following an order by Lancaster County Court after the judge heard how he allowed visitors into the Sulyard Street housing scheme at all hours of the day and night.

The unwelcome guests would stand in the street outside Wesley House shouting up to Brook’s flat to be let in or would gain entry to the block of flats, which is occupied by vulnerable older people, by pressing other residents’ intercoms or following in behind other residents as they entered the main door.

Anna Court, tenancy enforcement officer with Adactus, said: “Mr Brook’s visitors were alleged to often be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and would wander around the building, knocking on other residents doors.Some of them also brought dogs into the building. The elderly residents in the block and staff have had to clean up urine, vomit and blood from the communal areas.”

Brook and his guests would play loud music, shout and swear, and engage in drunken behaviour.

Ms Court said: “Over the years, staff and the local police have tried to help Mr Brook on numerous occasions. He would repeatedly tell staff that he didn’t want the people visiting him but despite advice from us he would never call the police or adhere to agreements not to let these unwanted guests into the building.

“He even started to say that the people getting into the building were nothing to do with him.” Adactus installed CCTV to prove that the intruders were associating with Brook despite his denials and obtained a court order banning him from having any visitors between 8pm and 8am, with daytime visitors only allowed with the permission of staff.

Brook ignored the restrictions, forcing Adactus to apply for possession of his property.

Debbie Parkinson, tenancy enforcement manager, said: “We wouldn’t have achieved this result without the hard work and dedication of our scheme manager Vicki Brett.”