More justice for domestic abuse victims

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Latest news.

Increasing numbers of domestic violence victims are seeing justice in the North West, new figures show.

Figures released by the Crown Prosecution Service show that more domestic violence offenders were prosecuted and convicted in the North West than in any other region in England and Wales last year.

Eighty per cent of defendants who were prosecuted in the North West in 2013-14 for domestic violence were convicted, a total of 8,507 offenders.

This is the third successive year on year increase in the conviction rate for domestic violence and higher than any other comparable metropolitan region in the country. The national conviction ratefor the same period was 74.6%.

In total CPS North West (Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Cumbria) brought prosecutions for domestic violence against 10,600 defendants for domestic violence, an increase of almost 200 prosecutions on the previous year.

The region with the next highest number of prosecutions was London with 9,875 prosecutions and 6,442 convictions last year.

Nazir Afzal, Chief Crown Prosecutor, North West Area said: “The figures for the North West in the report are good news.

“We have seen a steady and significant increase in the number of prosecutions and convictions for domestic violence in recent years, and last year eight out of 10 cases in the North West resulted in the attacker being convicted.

“I hope this gives domestic violence victims confidence in coming forward and reporting incidents.”