Man lured teen to hotel room

Preston Crown Court
Preston Crown Court

An alleged sex attacker promised a teenager work as his secretary before sexually asssaulting her, a court heard.

Robert Lloyd, 64, denies sexually assaulting the teenager - who is now an adult - after she claims he offered her work as his secretary.

The youngster - who is now an adult - met Lloyd when she was 15.

Her mum was out of work and Lloyd, of Peplow Road, Heysham, spoke with her to assure her the work was above board.

Giving evidence through a screen at Preston Crown Court the woman told the court Lloyd said they would go to Blackpool “on a bit of business” and she was to carry his briefcase and do what he asked her to do - but she could not take a phone with her “for business reasons”.

He also told her to pack an overnight bag, just in case they needed to stay, the woman claimed.

In Blackpool they called into a hotel before stopping at a nearby pub to meet another man.

Shortly afterwards Lloyd told her he had to return to the hotel.

At the hotel reception, Lloyd agreed to a double room.

The woman said: “As we were walking up to the room, he was saying, ‘it’s alright, I’m no monster. I’ll go on one side and you go on the other and we’ll just go to sleep.’”

He handed her £100 and told her there would be more to follow in the morning.

The teenager put on her pyjamas and went to sleep but woke to find Lloyd sexually assaulting her. S

She was upset and scared and locked herself in the bathroom, crying.

The following morning the teenager refused to go to breakfast with Lloyd but when he returned to the room he told her: “You’re a disgrace. I’m really disappointed in you. I thought you were better than that.”

She told the court Lloyd was angry and driving erratically on the way home and when he dropped her off a short distance from her house he just skidded away in the car.

She said: “I gave the £100 straight to my mum and told her to buy presents with it.

“ I didn’t want it.

“I didn’t tell her what had happened.”